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Lynden, WA
Pastor Dave Edwards
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In October 2015 we welcomed Dave and Carla Edwards as Pastor of Lynden Community Church.

Dave and Carla had been attending LCC since March as regular old folks in the pew. The congregation had no idea that eight years earlier Dave had transitioned from 22 years of Pastoral ministry into Executive Coaching and Management Consulting to be more engaged in market place ministry. The church only knew Dave as the General Manager in a Canadian company, and living in Lynden with his wife Carla. God was about to begin a marvelous plan.

With the retirement of the previous pastor, a Search Committee was formed and began looking at potential candidates. When the list of candidates had been exhausted with no success, God brought Dave's resume to the Committee. Some on the committee evaluated the initial resume, not knowing it was the same Dave Edwards currently attending the church!! Well, after a thorough screening process, some creative scheduling, and some negotiations with The Canadian Company, God put together His plan.

Dave went to part time as General Manager in Canada, and part time Pastor of Lynden Community Church. A year later, Dave cut back to two days per week at the Canadian Company and now works 40 hours per week as Pastor of LCC. God surprised us all by taking Dave from pew to pulpit. 

We like to say that our Pastor choose us as his home church BEFORE we choose him as our Pastor!!